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St. Francis Garden Society

The objective of the St. Francis Retreat Center Garden Society is to  develop and maintain current and future gardens through the talents and dedication of its members. This is accomplished through members’ devoting their talents to the Society in means best matched to their skills.


Our society is built on the talents of gardeners, growers, landscapers, and all who would like to lend a hand. We are masters adept at gardening and design, as well as those of us who want to know more. We create designs, raise the funds, select the materials, and work the soil. We do this is in joyous communion with others and our God in creating visible prayer.


We enjoy several fun social gatherings each year to further create community within the group. 


The St. Francis Garden Society creates and maintains the gardens on the grounds of the retreat center. Your donation will help purchase plants, benches, fertilizers, and more.

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