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Summer Scripture Days
August 20-22, 2024

The Eucharist in Scripture

In this Year of Eucharistic Revival, we will examine the many layers of God's gift of the Eucharist to His people through Old Testament foreshadowing and New Testament teachings.

Topics include:

  • Old Testament Images of the Eucharist presented by Cathryn Torgerson-Wade

  • The Eucharist in the New Testament presented by Colleen Vermeulen, Anne Guminik, Rich Budd, and Doug Taylor-Weiss

  • Biblical Theology of the Mass and Covenant presented by Jeremy Priest

This retreat takes place in the Bethany House on the grounds on St. Francis Retreat Center. Bethany House guest rooms are single or double occupancy and each have a private bathroom. The entire facility is air conditioned and there is Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Any adult over the age of 18  is welcome to attend. The retreat begins on Tuesday with registration at 9:00am, followed by the orientation session at 9:30. The retreat concludes around 1:00pm on Thursday, after lunch.

Lodging options:

Single occupancy: $225

Double occupancy: $175

Commuting: $130 (Commuters are welcome to stay for dinner, but the presentations will take place Tuesday and Wednesday 9am-5pm, and Thursday 9am-1pm.)


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