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June 12-14, 2023

FORGED is a 3 day/2 night outdoor adventure retreat for young men of the Diocese.  On this retreat participants will gain important outdoor skills such as plant identification, how to pitch a tent, and how to start a proper campfire.  We will chop our own firewood, prepare our own meals,  and cook over a fire.  Participants will be taught knife skills, how to start and operate a tractor, and will participate in an Orienteering event.   Mass will be celebrated daily with the opportunity for Adoration.   

Challenging and entertaining talks will center around the lessons learned from male role models, importance of creating genuine friendships between guys, the need for authentic Catholic gentlemen in our society, and how respect for women.

Please note:


  • Space is limited

  • Your son will be given a knife, compass, and whistle and will be taught knife safety and skills.  

  • Participants will receive a "packing list" upon registration

  • Sleeping bags and mats along with proper hiking boots are a must.  

  • Tents if you have them (no larger than for 4 persons).

  • We will put no more than 2 guys in a tent.  If you bring a friend you can choose who you will tent with.


With our unofficial motto taken from a John Wayne quote,  "To be a gentleman, you first have to be a man" we look forward to a great retreat Forging boys into young me based on the virtues of Trust, Perseverance, and Courage.

Cost is $250/person, and includes a basic survival kit for each participant to keep.

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