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Hole-In-One Shootout

Friday September 22, 2023 at 4:00pm

FORE! The Inaugural Hole-In-One Shootout Fundraiser is right around the corner. Our team of groundskeepers have crafted an approximate 150-yard, par 3 hole right here on the grounds of the St. Francis Retreat Center. The shootout will take place on Friday, September 22, from 4pm-dark, rain or shine*.


Prizes and Determining Prize Winners
If a golfer gets a hole-in-one, that golfer wins $3,000. If no golfer gets a hole-in-one, the golfer closest to the pin wins $1,000. Should two or more golfers score a hole-in-one, both the $3000 prize and $1000 prize will be added together and split evenly among the winners.  Should no golfer score a hole-in-one, but two golfers tie for closest to the pin, those golfers shall divide the $1000 prize evenly.  If total donations for the Shootout are $5000 or less, the total amount of donations will be split between St. Francis Retreat Center and prize winners, with prizes then awarded according to the rules set out above.  Prize winners are solely responsible for any tax implications from their winnings and do not have to be present at the conslusion of the event to be eligible for prizes.  


Golfers may use their own golf balls and clubs.  Balls will be retrieved by our volunteers and returned to the golfer.  (Our volunteers, however, will not search wooded areas for lost balls.  We will do the best we can to find wayward shots.)  We ask that each golfer using their own golf balls place a unique identifying mark on each ball for verification purposes.  St. Francis Retreat Center will provide clubs to those who need them.


Two independent judges will be measuring shot distances from the flagstick.  Photographs of leading shots will be taken for prize certification.
Tee times will be assigned according to arrival order.  Participants may donate $50 for 1 shot or $100 for 3 shots.   Cash and card transactions are accepted.


“The Clubhouse”
Food and drinks will be available for purchase! Come out, bring your friends, and have a great time competing! 


Waiver of Liability

All golfers and their heirs and assigns hereby waive all claims against St. Francis Retreat Center, the Diocese of Lansing, and its Bishop for any injury to person(s) or property while at St. Francis Retreat Center, and agree to indemnify St. Francis Retreat Center and the Diocese of Lansing for any and all claims made against it/them by you, your heirs and assigns.  St. Francis Retreat Center and the Diocese of Lansing are not responsible for lost or damaged items while participating in this event. Participants agree to the use of their image for Retreat Center promotional purposes.




*In case of lightning, play will be suspended until the threat abates.

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